Lee A. Hutton III

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Kris Humphries Ready to Charge Kim Kardashian With Cheating

Kris Humphries is reportedly ready to claim that Kim Kardashian was cheating all along during their courtship and marriage with rap star Kayne West. Believe it? It's the latest tabloid claim in the couple's heated divorce battle. Humphries' lawyers have complained that Kardashian has been trashing Kris with lies and falsehoods in an effort to justify her decision to divorce him after 72-days of marriage....
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Kris Humphries Lawyers Issue Damning Kim Kardashian Slam

Kris Humphries slam dunked his estranged wife Kim Kardashian in a new statement from his legal team. They charge Kim has spent “much effort and energy to mis-direct the public’s perception" about the New Jersey Nets basketballer. But that's not all. The purpose of the statement was to make clear that Kris will remain silent and save his arguments for court. But in effect, it's a damning indictment of Kim's efforts to trash her estranged husband....