Charlie Sheen's solution to random shootings in public places.... call out the Marines!!!

Charlie Sheen’s solution to random shootings in public places…. call out the Marines!!! (Photo: Getty)

Charlie Sheen has lauched another Twitter screed targeting President Obama without any mention of tiger’s blood or WINNING! Instead he makes a plea for armed guards… well just about everywhere.

Sheen, like so many Americans, has become fed up with random shootings in public places, from schools to shopping malls.

But his prescription, spelled out in a Poem addressed to the president, calls for a rather radical solution. He wants U.S. soldiers returning from Afghanistan to patrol schools and shopping malls.

He was reacting to the latest shooting at a shopping mall in Columbia, Md. that left three people dead, including the shooter from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“Stop wining and dining Hollywood long enough to STOP the random thrill kill SCHOOL SHOOTINGS!!” Sheen screams.

Sheen is vowing to launch an emergency campaign for a federally funded mandate to place “armed protection” in and around every campus, every pre-school, every high school, every everywhere “our children “sadly remain unprotected.”

He calls the situation, “unconscionable and devastating insanity!”

The idea of putting armed guards in schools has been pushed by groups like the National Rifle Assocation, which has advocated arming teachers.

So far, President Obama hasn’t decided to go that route. “Obama Care???? Obviously YOU DO NOT!” he writes.

Sheen closes with a “I’ll see you on Cap Hill,” a reference to Congress, where he apparently intends to lobby for such a mandate.

If he brings his hottie porn star girlfriends along, who knows what Congress will do.

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Mr. President


Stop wining and dining
long enough to
STOP the random
thrill kill

I’m launching an
emergency campaign
for a Fed funded
mandate to
‘armed protection’
in and around
EVERY campus
EVERY pre school
EVERY High school
EVERY ‘anywhere’
our children are seeking
an education yet
sadly remain
unprotected from this
unconscionable and
devastating insanity!

Put all of your returning
soldiers to work!!
have a skill set
in place that this job

Obama Care????

I’ll see you on
Cap Hill.

c sheen