Elle Evans has vaulted to global prominence for her appearance in Robin Thicke's video for 'Blurred Lines.'

Elle Evans has vaulted to global prominence for her appearance in Robin Thicke’s video for ‘Blurred Lines.’

Elle Evans is this summer’s Kate Upton… without the breasts. The relatively obscure model has been blasted into worldwide notoriety by her appearance in the summer’s equally hot video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

Evans, 23, who is a stately 5-feet, 9-inches tall, prances over and over again throughout the un-rated video version wearing nothing by a tiny nude-colored g-string.

Her playful nudity, ruby red lips, flowing blonde hair and world-class body make her a standout. She’s joined by Emily Ratajkowski and Jessi M’Bengue, who are dressed the same.

She appears in the first four seconds holding a lamb against her chest. But from there on out, it’s all g-string while Thicke and song writer Pharrell Williams sing the hit song, which is dominating radio airplay and Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.

Elle Evans a Translucent Summer Beauty
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Evans was born in Paris, Texas, raised in Lousiana and broke into modeling after her agency cast her in a commercial in China. She was dressed up to look like ’50s sex siren Marilyn Monroe. But nothing prepared her for the rush of fame she’s experiencing from the video.

Fortunately, for her, it was as fun to do as it looks. “My whole entire experience with “Blurred Lines” is like one of those feelings of immense happiness that you get that is just basically like, a big uncontrollable smile,” she told fashion website FashionGoneRogue in a recent interview.

“Ya know, like when you’re walking down the street, just smiling so big and wide, that maybe even a few giggles slip out- those grins of pure joy, you just don’t care if anyone sees??”

“Being a part of ‘Blurred Lines’ feels like those smiles; and if those smiles are contagious, I’m sick!”

She also brushed off complaints from some women’s groups that the video is sexist and misogynistic because of the way she and the other models are portrayed. “People will find something negative to say about anything. It’s a song!” she told the website.

Elle Evans of Blurred Lines Stripped of Miss Teen Title in 2008

She describes herself as “rebellious,” and that probably explains how she was stripped of her Miss Teen Louisiana 2008 title. It involved a stiffed bill, some pot in her purse and her arrest, she says.

Evans, whose measurements are 32-24-33″ is only slightly smaller than Upton, who fills out a bikini at 33-25-36. But check out her photos above; to see her hot nsfw photos check out esscurve.com.