Miley Cyrus touches herself a lot in Big Sean's new video for 'Fire.'

Miley Cyrus touches herself a lot in Big Sean’s new video for ‘Fire.’

Miley Cyrus burns through at least a half-a-dozen different looks as she strikes pose after pose in rapper Big Sean’s new video for his song “Fire.” In fact, she’s all the eye-candy he needs.

Miley is the only subject of the video. She preens and poses, caresses herself and strips down to a lacy brazier and panties.

And get this no singing… by her that is. Miley is totally a living, breathing objet d’art.

Big Sean raps about what it takes to make it:

“I woke up this morning, rolled a joint, then got to it
Dealt with real life shit, Manned up and got through it
I’m a real D Boy, take a look up in my face
Never did real estate, and still put you in your place”

The rap isn’t exactly about love, but more about getting your just rewards and Miley seems to represent the gold standard.

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