Robert Pattinson and his Dior mystery blonde in a scene from his new commercial.

Robert Pattinson and his Dior mystery blonde in a scene from his new commercial.

Robert Pattinson‘s steamy embrace of an unidentified blonde woman in his upcoming Dior Homme commercial touched off wild speculation over the identity of the lucky gal. So far Dior isn’t saying who it was, but it could have been any one of these models. What’s your guess

Dior this year has worked with nearly 80 models involving its product lines, editorial features and runway shows. Add another half-dozen or so from its Dior Beauty brand, and you’ve got a list of reasonable suspects.

The fact that the model is not readily recognizable and Dior has chosen not to reveal her identity increases the chances that she was picked from its current stable of models to shoot the ad. She’s a prop, not a co-star.

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Using someone famous or a well-known supermodel would also have detracted from Rob’s presence in the commercial. Early on, the two names bandied about by the tabloids were Alma Jodorowsky and French model Camille Rowe.

Dior Models: Will the Mystery
Blonde Please Stand

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But neither model has worked with the fashion brand in the last two years. Jordorowsky’s rep has since confirmed to E! News that she was not in the ad.

Rowe’s New York agency Marilyn Models refused to confirm or deny it was her and a rep hastily hung up the phone when questioned by TheImproper, more or less confirming that it probably is. (Why spoil the speculation?)

But there are at least nine current Dior models who bear a striking resemblance to the woman in the photo with Rob. Among some of the lesser known possibilities are models Carolin Loosen, Daria Stoklas, Elise Smidt, Diana Moldovan and Nastya Kusakina.

British Model Lily Donaldson, 26, who worked for Victoria’s Secret in 2010 and 2011, before jumping to Dior, is one of the better known possibilities. Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld, 18, currently ranked 14th on’s list of 50 Top Models, also works for Dior and bears some resemblance to the photo.

A darkhorse is newcomer Emily Wilson, who is repped by New York Models, because she looks so much like the girl in the photo.

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Pattinson’s campaign was reportedly filmed at the Waldorf Astoria in New York in December. The ad supposedly centers around a passionate affair between Rob and the woman.

“It was a ceremony with a lot of guests dressed very fancy. There was a six-piece formal band with violins,” a source, told E! News, suggesting that a formal, elegant party was the backdrop.

Rumors circulated earlier this year that another campaign theme would involve Rob and three models variously clothed and partially unclothed. So far no photos have surfaced.

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Footnote: Our money is on Camille Rowe.