Robert Pattinson poses as part of his campaign for Dior Homme.

Robert Pattinson poses as part of his campaign for Dior Homme.

Robert Pattinson’s hunky new fragrance campaign for Dior is a clear response to Chanel’s campaign featuring hunky actor Brad Pitt. Both brands are raising the stakes in the race for more male customers.

Pitt’s breathy campaign for Chanel No. 5 was unveiled last October with the release of a short commercial.

Shot in black and white, it mainly featured Pitt getting philosophical about life and its meaning, while standing against a neutral background. The commercial was widely parodied, but clearly gave the brand a leg up in the highly competitive fragrance industry.

But Dior wasn’t about to be outdone. It signed on Pattinson in a surprise move to rep for Dior Homme. Although Rob modeled early in his career, he doesn’t look back on those days fondly and never had any ambition to pursue a modeling career.

Robert Pattinson’s Hot Dior Launch

So they must be paying him a bundle. One report claimed he was getting somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 million for the campaign.

Rob certainly matches Brad in the hunk ratings and is almost half the “World War Z” actor’s age, so his appeal is likely much, much broader, especially with his lingering “Twilight” fan base.

In some images that have already leaked, Rob is pictured getting touchy feely with a beautiful blonde woman. The also kiss in one photo. Rob, however, seems to fancy women with dark hair and dark features like ex-flame Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson Sports Dior Tuxedo at Cannes

The images popped up on Twitter following a exclusive Hollywood party earlier this month to unveil the campaign. Rob was there to premiere the campaign, known officially as “1000 lives.”

“Rob likes the brand,” a source told gossip site “EOnline.” The deal puts Rob in the major leagues of fashion modeling. It’s estimated to be worth $12 million over three years.

He’s been spotted on the red carpet in several different Dior Homme suits. He wore a Dior tuxedo at last year’s Cannes Film Festival and Dior jeans at the Teen Choice Awards.

Rob follows Jude Law, Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman, among others as reps for the brand.

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