Rihanna refused to put up with Chris Brown's attitude.

Rihanna refused to put up with Chris Brown’s attitude.

Rihanna had a lot of love for Chris Brown and let him back into her life, but they didn’t break up because she was too needy. She demanded respect and loyalty from the R&B singer. When she didn’t get it, she gave him the boot.

Brown’s reps have been trying to claim that Rihanna was too needy for Chris and made too many demands on him. But she wasn’t about to be played, according to a source who knows the singer.

In fact, the same issues that caused their heated argument back in 2009 that ended when Brown savagely beat her ultimately drove them apart. The argument began when Rihanna saw text messages on Brown’s phone from one of his old girlfriends.

While Rihanna told Oprah Winfrey that Chris was the love of her life, she also said she wouldn’t take any abuse or be used. After they got back together, Brown slipped back into his old habits and treated Rihanna like one of his “go to” girls.

But she expected a real relationship and wasn’t about to put up with Brown keeping Karrueche Tran on the side. Karrueche, on the other hand, was willing to put up with anything to keep her relationship alive, no matter how much Brown used her.

But Rihanna is a star in her own right, who doesn’t need Brown to affirm her career, her life or her self-worth. She showed a lot of courage and wasn’t about to be used as a dish rag. Rihanna is looking for a real relationship based on love and mutual respect, her friends say.

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