Carey Mulligan and Robert Pattinson are set to star together... eventually.

Carey Mulligan and Robert Pattinson are set to star together… eventually.

Carey Mulligan is lighting up the screen in a fatal love triangle with Leonardo diCaprio in “The Great Gatsby,” but these days, she reveals she’s crushing on Robert Pattinson. The two are set to work together, if their film ever gets off the ground.

Mulligan plays the beautiful and ephemeral Daisy in the adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal novel about the Roaring ’20s. DiCaprio plays protagonist Jay Gatsby.

Gatsby falls in love with Daisy during a chance meeting while he’s a soldier getting ready to ship out to fight World War I. Afterward, he amasses huge wealth by questionable means to capture Daisy’s heart. She’s married to a cold-hearted financial baron and lives on Long Island’s exalted Gold Coast.

The relationship ends tragically, but Mulligan’s movie with Rob will have a different outcome. She plays a local small-town beauty who spurns Pattinson’s character, her boyfriend, for a life in the big city.

But things don’t go well and she returns flat broke. She ends up waitressing until she learns Rob’s character, Jimmy, has become filthy rich through various criminal enterprises in Chicago.

He wants nothing to do with her. So she enlists Danny, a naive follower whom she easily manipulates with sex. Together they try to strike it rich through a kidnap scheme.

In a recent interview with MTV, Mulligan said she met with Rob in April and they briefly discussed the film. “We did talk about it at one point. We couldn’t get it together in time. But we still hope to do it; it’s still hanging out there,” she said about the film.

James Marsh, known for the documentary “Man on Wire,” will direct the true story.

In the meantime, Pattinson has three films on tap, “Mission:Blacklist,” “Queen of The Desert,” and “Maps to the Stars,” where he’ll meet up again with “Cosmopolis” Director David Cronenberg.

Beside “The Great Gatsby,” Mulligan will be appearing in “Inside Llewyn Davis,” set for release this year.

The film, by Joel and Ethan Coen, will screen at the Cannes Film Festival this week. It also stars John Goodman, Garrett Hedlund, Justin Timberlake, F. Murray Abraham, Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky.

Check out the red band trailer, and Mulligans’s MTV comments below.

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