Jennifer Lopez has no trouble generating heat with her boy toy lover Casper Smart on the dance floor in her new “Dance Again” video–even though he is 20 years younger than her.

The stunning 42-year-old singer and actress showed off her dance moves with Smart, whom she plucked from obscurity following the break up of her seven-year marriage to singer Marc Anthony.

The highlight of the video is a slow motion kiss in what looks like the famous Spider-Man position, with J-Lo hanging upside down. More likely, though, the camera angle does all the work.

Lopez is dressed to kill in a tiny bodysuit as she flails her hair wildly and writhes on he back. Smart is shirtless in his scenes.

Casper isn’t Lopez’s first boyfriend to land a part in one of her videos. She also enlisted then-beau, Ben Affleck, back in 2002. He appeared as her love interest in her hugely popular video for song “Jenny from the Block.” Affleck barely lived it down. He says he regrets doing it. But Smart looks right at home.

“There is a lot of love between [them], he treats her like a queen,” according to People.

Check out her video below: