Katy Perry’s upcoming 3D concert film and biopic “Part of Me” looks like it will touch on her divorce from comedian Russell Brand and the rejection she suffered early in her career.

Paramount’s Insurge Pictures today (Apr. 3) announced they have partnered with Katy Perry’s team to release the film on July 5.

In the full trailer, also released today (Apr. 3), both her divorce and early career setbacks are mentioned. Her divorce after 14-months of marriage to the UK comedian has to be one of the darkest periods in her otherwise stellar career.

About 37 seconds into the clip, a tabloid headline flashes on the screen, blaring “Marriage Over.”

“We have some not so happy news,” a newscaster’s voice cuts in. “The divorce of Katy Perry. What happened there?” Presumably the movie will answer the question.

Other parts of the narrative talk about Perry’s crazy work ethic, and the pressure she’s under because the whole world is watching her every move.

“Katy is just an explosion who keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” the voice over goes. “It’s always about the challenge. What are people saying she can’t do. That’s what she does next,” adds another off-screen voice.

The clip also references her early years growing up in a religious family and singing in the choir. Katy handles the voice over.

“It was not an overnight success,” says someone on-camera. “She signed to a label and then the label dropped her,” says another. “People said she couldn’t do it,” adds a third.

“I was going through some depressing, dark times,” Katy explains. “But it’s a journey and I learned so much from that journey.”

Katy has had a few embarrassing moments along the way, like the time her contract rider leaked.

Among the shocking provisions, the singer required promoters to hold back tickets for concerts so that Perry and close staffers could scalp her fans the “secondary market.” She also instructed her driver not to speak to her or look at her. No mention of that, though.

The film is slated for release sometime July. Check out the trailer below.