Selena Gomez is showing a little more butt cheek than she’d probably care to flash in a new promo photo for her movie “Spring Breakers.” When you work  in a bikini it’s apparently not always possible to keep everything covered up.

The photo, taken at night, shows her and Spring Breakers co-stars, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine under arrest in handcuffs standing up against a police cruiser.

The girls are all in bikinis. Vanessa and Ashley are facing the camera, while Rachel and Selena have their backs turned. Selena is closest to the camera and most of her right butt cheek is visible in the shot.

Selena Gomez Risque Spring Breakers Photos

It almost looks like she’s wearing a Brazilian string bikini so much cheek is hanging out. But actually her bikini bottom has just ridden up her butt.

The movie just premiered at the Toronto and Venice Film Festivals and is Selena’s most daring yet. The modest, former Disney teen star said during a panel discussion in Toronto last week that her younger tween fans should not see the movie because of its violence and strong sexual content.

“Don’t see it,” Gomez said when asked whether she’d recommend the film to her younger fans.

“I wrote a message on my social networking sites to them, saying kids my age, my generation, I think that they should see it because it’s very real; we’re not really sugar-coating anything. (But) I put underneath, it’s rated R, so please don’t see it if you’re under 18,” she said.

They play four college girls who rob a restaurant to finance their spring break vacation. They get arrested and are bailed out by a drug and weapons dealer played by James Franco. He enlists them in a plot to battle a rival drug dealer, and the girls, looking for adventure, go along.

The movie includes a number of party scenes with girls dressed in next-to-nothing bikinis. Some are topless. In fact, director Harmony Korine uttered a shocker himself when he said the movie contains “thick-necked jock dudes … trying to grind on Selena.”

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