Justin Bieber's bad behavior is now being blamed on Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber’s bad behavior is now being blamed on Selena Gomez. (Photo: INFDaily)

Justin Bieber has found a new excuse for his loutish behavior and took it out for a test run on a gossip site this morning. It’s not him, it’s her! Selena Gomez is the reason for his bad boy act. Believe it?

Apparently Bieber isn’t good at handling rejection, and he’s taking it out on the world. Or so the latest attempt to resurrect his image goes.

There’s no question the teen sensation has been his own worst enemy lately.

He’s been photographed smoking pot and sipping Sizzurp. He’s gotten into shouting matches with paparazzi. And, most recently, he allegedly spit on his neighbor, who had the temerity to complain about his reckless driving through the neighborhood.

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The incidents have added up and gotten to the point where they are starting to erode his public image. His reps, who have become notorious for issuing denials that don’t hold water, first tried to say it was just Biebs going through growing pains.

He’s young and he’s going to make mistakes. Except he’s 19, not 13.

Then, there were hints that he just fell in with the wrong crowd. Right, blame his bad judgment on black rappers, a convenient if slightly racist explanation that didn’t fly either.

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Of course, there is no excuse for the latest spitting incident. Bieber is now facing criminal battery charges. If prosecuted, the case looks like it may stick. Can’t blame the rappers for that.

So, who’s left? Ah… Selena.

He’s acting out because he’s heartbroken over the breakup, according to gossip site TMZ, which reportedly is in touch with “people who are in daily contact with the singer.”

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Feel free to wash away all those negative feelings with a warm wave of sympathy. Justin was reportedly “torn apart” when she walked out on him in December, the story goes. And, he feels “tortured” now because Selena never made it a clean break, the site reports.

Selena did this to him. Selena how could you? You’ve only made a joke about him on Letterman; made a video dissing him and posted it on YouTube and written a breakup song about him. How many more ways does she need to say it’s over?

Besides, Bieber was acting out well before they broke up. You may recall, he even got into a paparazzi scuffle while she was with him on a date.

So, how about this for a public relations strategy: Stop making excuses and shifting the blame on someone else and get him into anger management therapy. His fans will understand.