Kate Upton takes center stage on David Letterman last night.

Kate Upton takes center stage on David Letterman last night.

Kate Upton led the charge of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models on David Letterman last night. It’s an annual rite of passages for the bikini babes. Dave was literally swimming in them. But what about CBS’s new standards of television and flesh?

It was an odd sight to see given the network’s clamp down on excessive displays of “buttocks” and “female breasts” and other fleshy parts of the female anatomy at the Grammy Awards.

Dave, as tradition has it, unveiled a giant billboard of Upton on the cover of the annual issue right after the models finished his nightly Top Ten. As usual, the cover was old news. It had leaked on the Internet hours earlier.

While CBS was scolding artists at the Grammys to cover up it was up to it’s neck in suntan oil and body paint with its Sports Illustrated promotion. Dave didn’t seem to mind, and obediently made no mention of CBS’s draconian Grammy dictum.

Dave’s Top Ten focused on the top ten questions Sports Illustrated wannabes have to answer before they can grace its pages.

“Normally, they would all be here and not know which one had been selected for the cover,” Dave whined. “But thanks to the Chinese hackers everybody knows; you all know don’t you?”

Of course we knew, hours before the unveiling of the cover. Upton repeated this year as the cover model, a rare feat acomplished by only a handful of other models in the issue’s nearly 50-year history.

So watch the video below and check out these gems. Upton had the number one question. We won’t spoil it, but it had something to do with sand. And, be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for all the latest celebrity updates.