Allison Williams plays Kate Middleton in Funny or Die video.

Allison Williams plays Kate Middleton in Funny or Die video.

Allison Williams, who plays the totally uptight Marnie on HBO’s hit show “Girls,” lets loose with a hilarious send-up of Prince William and wife Kate Middleton that’s resurfaced now that she’s famous for more than being famous.

Williams is the daughter of NBC News anchor Brian Williams, but she’s been working hard to build an acting career of her own.

She famously did a masturbation scene during the first season of “Girls” that still stands as one of the most hilarious and most daring on a show that pretty much pulls no punches about female sexuality.

Her interest in Kate grew out of the fact that so many people think she bears a resemblance to the future queen of England.

“I kept being told by people that I looked like her and then my friend said I should play her, so we put together some sketches for Funny Or Die,” she explained.

‘It’s the first thing I’ve written, actually. I hope people find them funny while realizing that I have great admiration for her,” she told The Metro.

Prince William is played by British actor and model Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Williams does an uncanny impression. In the video, she fusses over the fact that William is going bald. While the resemblance is debatable she nails Kate’s accent.

“It’s crazy, I’ve never seen it in this light,” she frets as they sit down for an interview. “Do you guys think you can take the lights down on his head? You look like a globe. I had no idea he was this fu*king bald.”

It turns out the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are quite boring at home, aside from William’s obsession with reality television.

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