Spingbreakers-trailer-frontSelena Gomez and “Spring Breakers” pals Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine get major bikini time in the new international trailer for their hot comedy-drama. James Franco is fierce.

The trailer was released hot on the heels of the first domestic trailer for the movie earlier this week and contains some new footage.

The movie is non-stop bikini action until the girls get busted and hook up with Franco’s character Alien, a part-time rapper and drug dealer who’s living the high life in Florida.

The movie has gotten plenty of hype because Gomez steps outside her squeaky clean Disney film image for the first time. Although critics have generally panned the film.

Selena Gomez Spring Breakers Int’l Trailer

Selena takes on the risque role of a bored college student desperate to have a good time. Oh… did we mention bikinis.

Selena and her co-stars spend a good part of the film wearing them, as does a supporting cast of hot spring break revelers.

The international trailer is sub-titled in French. It spends less time than the domestic trailer setting up the film with college scenes and cuts almost directly to the partying.

The overseas trailer is almost non-stop party scenes on the beach and at their hotel. They’re surrounded by hundreds of other kids. The trailer also has some nasty scenes of Franco flashing guns. In all, though, it’s about a minute shorter than the domestic version.

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