britneyspears-showgirl-frontBritney Spears’ effort to land a lucrative deal in Las Vegas appear to be more hype than reality. Far from a bidding war, the singer appears shut out of the venues that could handle her show.

If there is a bidding war for her services as gossip site TMZ reported earlier today, it doesn’t involve any major outlet, especially not Ceasars.

Spears will not be performing at Caesars Palace any time soon, a source tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which is usually in the know about Vegas showbusiness.

Caesars Palace has a 4,000-seat Colosseum, but it’s booked through 2014, according to hotel. That means it could be more than two years before Spears could set up there.

Shania Twain aced out Spears weeks ago to snag the only opening at the The Colosseum. The venue’s roster includes Celine Dion, Elton John, Rod Stewart and Jerry Seinfeld, according to its website.

“Some might think this is the way to start a bidding war, but Vegas doesn’t work like that anymore. It’s hard to get the bean counters in a frenzy,” a source told the Review-Journal’s Norm Clarke.

Reports that she was negotiating a Vegas deal may have been a cover to draw attention from the fact that she was booted from reality music show “X-Factor,” a reported $15 million deal. A Vegas deal could have been worth 10 times that amount.

TMZ appears to be the willing, or unwilling, dupe.

A big question is whether Spears is even capable, given her mental state, of handling five Vegas-style shows a week, plus personal appearances. Be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest updates on Britney Spears.