SelenaGomez-SpingBreakers-trailerSelena Gomez said “Spring Breakers” was her edgiest film yet, and she wasn’t kidding. The movie’s first trailer is out and it shows Sel and co-stars Vannessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine being very bad girls. Very bad.

The girls want adventure to relieve the boredom of college and the get it starting with a restaurant heist that could have been culled from “Pulp Fiction.”

Then, it’s off to Florida for the party of a lifetime until things go wrong and the girls get busted. When they’re bailed out of jail by a rapper/drug dealer called Alien (James Franco) things really turn dark. They become enmeshed in a drug-fueled criminal underworld.

The movie has guns, girls (lots of girls) and some humor. Let’s hope it has a plot. The film was screened at the 69th Venice International Film Festival last September and only got so-so reviews from critics who saw it.

On thing is certain, Gomez and the other girls all pushed the envelope on their careers.

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens Hot New Spring Breakers Photos!

“Disney was my life, and in a way, it’s all I knew, so once that ended, I definitely think it was good for me to go to an extreme like this,” Gomez told MTV recently. She’s got that right. This is no Disney film.

The clip opens with the girls tediously going to classes and daydreaming about letting loose. It flashes through quick shots leading up to the robbery scene. “Pretend it’s a video game,” one of the girls says ominously. Next stop is Spring Break in Florida.

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The girls strip down to bikinis and start having a wild time, until they’re busted and Alien bails them out of jail. Franco plays his character to the hilt in an amazing transformation into a red neck Kid Rock. He’s living the high-life and seduces the girls into joining him.

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