Rihanna has spent the past six months on a ball-busting tour, cranked out an album, filmed some hot videos, and partied like a bad ass to the brink of exhaustion. But when it was over, she, like her fans, wanted more.

“I cannot believe this is the last show. It really sucks. I’m going to miss you all so fu*king much,” she told her audience in London during the last show in the 98-date Loud Tour through North and South America and Europe.

“This tour has been one of the best experiences of my life, I’ve grown so attached to you all – more than I ever thought I could be,” she added.

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Then in true fashion, she sang “Take A Bow,” “Umbrella” and “We Found Love” in a rousing encore. The 23-year-old singer has proved herself to be the hardest working woman in show business.

Her songs are not only chart-topping and uniquely styled, she defines smoldering rock-star sexuality. She’s sassy, insouciant, free-spirited, rebellious, playful and wears her heart and emotions on her sleeve.

Beyonce may be more polished, Lady Gaga may be more talented and Adele may have a purer voice, but Rihanna is a force unto herself. She’s the total package.

For all those reasons, she’s TheImproper’s Entertainer of the Year.

As Rolling Stone noted, “there has been hardly any time since Rihanna broke big with “Umbrella” in 2007 when she has not had a hit on the radio, either as a solo act or featured artist.”

Record sales are an understandable, but unfortunate measure of success in the music industry. There’s nothing like commercial success, but in the end, it’s a shallow measure of true artistry.

Rihanna is much more than the sum of her record sales. She’s a kaleidoscope of emotions, fear, passion, desire, innocence, strength, weakness, vulnerability and not a little pain, in ever changing measures and patterns.

At a time when so many performers are homogenized, she’s real and raw; her music, often visceral and feral, is a pure expression of her soul. She’s unpredictable and fulminous. She can shock you with her coarseness and seduce you with her tenderness.

Isn’t that what rock ‘n roll is all about?

Check out her Loud Tour London performance: