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Kris Humphries Goes After Kim Kardashian's Prenup

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Kris Humphries tried to stake out the moral high ground when he filed to annul his marriage to besieged Kim Kardashian, but Kim’s air-tight prenuptial agreement is squarely in his sights as well.

TheImproper reported Nov 30 that Kris’s annulment would proclaim in the eyes of the law that the marriage never existed. As such, any pre-nuptial agreement premised on the marriage no longer would be valid.

Now new reports claims that Kris wants the prenup declared null and void because it imposes a confidentiality clause that prevents him and Kim from discussing intimate details of the relationship.

Humphries wants the marriage annulled on the grounds of “fraud,” which would blow the prenup out of the water.

Free of the prenup, Kris could cash in on his side of the story from the fairly tale $18 million wedding and the shocking demise of their union 72 days later, when Kim filed for divorce.

The prenup also carefully controls how the spoils are divided between Kris and Kim from the reality shows.

It would free Kris to demand millions of dollars to allow his image to be used on the shows and from the wedding.

After initially saying he wanted no drama in the divorce, Kris seems to all about drama now.

His sharp change of heart came after the way he was portrayed on the premiere episode of Kim’s reality show, “Kourtney & Kim Take New York.”

Kris reportedly was “horrified” by the portrayal.

Free of a confidentiality agreement, he could blow the lid off of Kim’s “reality” show, which appears far more scripted and manipulated than the Kardashians claim.

“The confidentiality aspect of the prenup is extensive and was created just in case things went bad, neither Kim nor Kris could discuss their relationship to the media,” a source tells gossip site radaronline.

“But now, Kris wants to be able to talk about the relationship without fear of being sued,” the source said.

Confirming TheImproper’s earlier report, the source said “if the judge annuls the marriage… the prenup at that point is really moot.”

“Kris wants this to play out in court, and wants the process to be transparent. If this needs to go to trial, he is ready for that,” the insider says.

More likely, Kris’ moves are designed to strengthen his negotiating position and get a bigger cut of the Kardashian lucre in any settlement.

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