Julia Roberts as the evil queen and Lilly Collins as Snow White provide a different take on the classic fairy tale in a new trailer for the movie “Mirror, Mirror.” Think light-hearted farce. Could Broadway be next?

The movie is a visually rich and very light on its feet. It adds a contemporary twist to the Brothers Grimm tale and it is set several hundred years after its rival “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

The latter starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron is a serious adaptation of the story set in medieval times, with knights in armor clashing.

See the Snow White photos; click to enlarge.

“Mirror, Mirror,” is far more whimsical, and Broadway standout Nathan Lane, who plays Brighton an aide to the Queen, could steal the movie, judging from the trailer.

Armie Hammer plays Prince Andrew Alcott with good comedic effect as well.

Roberts is definitely the centerpiece of the action in the trailer. Whether she’ll be the focus of the film as well remains to be seen. She definitely has the star-power to carry the film.

Collins looks more like a Disney character in this costume drama, and the dwarfs are a hilarious band of tiny folk.

The trailer opens with a rowdy ball and flashes to Collins’s Snow White as a voice over introduces the story.

The video quickly flashes to Roberts’ evil queen in a vain attempt to minimize Snow White’s beauty.

“[Roberts] is so absolutely breathtaking and majestic that you can’t take your eyes off of her, and her portrayal of the queen’s evil nature is utterly mesmerizing,” said Collins of her co-star.

Despite it’s light touch, the Tarsem Singh-directed movie will include plenty of action and even sword play by Snow White.

Check out the trailer below.