Kristen Stewart seems to be taking Snow White to places she’s never been in fairy tales. She was spotted today in medieval dress pulled way off her shoulders like a racy wench.

Kristen has been filming on location in Wales in what is likely to be one of the bawdiest tellings of the beloved fairy tale since it was first told by the Brothers Grimm.

In new photos released from the set earlier in the week, Stewart 21, wears a suit of armor for the re-imagining of the fairy tale.

The first movie stills of her in character were released July 23 at Comic Con showing Stewart as a much darker Snow White, if you can believe it.

Check out Kristen’s photos; click to enlarge.

Kristen Stewart’s new Snow White movie will be a dark take on the fairy tale. (For More Photos: INFDaily)

They latest candid photos from the set show her with a white horse on the beach, where fight scenes were being filmed.

In a separate interview with French magazine Premiere, Stewart talked about the final days of filming “Breaking Dawn, Part 1 and Part 2,” the last in the “Twilight” series.

Her favorite scene she said, is “the ones the fans are waiting for the most: the wedding, the first love scene, the birth scene.

“To finally put them on tape was cathartic,” she said.

She says the final two days of the film were the most poignant.

One where we finished shooting the wedding with the whole crew, this one I was expecting. I knew everybody would go home without really realizing how important this moment was, and then the next day the end of it all would hit us,” she said.

“Later, we met at St Thomas, in the Carribean islands, to do over a scene we sort of screwed up in Brazil. It was only Rob and I, which made the moment even more special.

“We were on the beach, looking at the sun rising. I grabbed Wick Godfrey, the producer who was with us since the begining of the saga, and threw him in the water. It was perfect and everything you could expect from a moment like this one.”

“Snow White and the Huntsman” will hit theaters next year. Walt Disney, who made the animated movie classic, is probably spinning in his grave.

But the film should be nothing if not interesting and Stewart looks ravishing as a wench.