Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of President John F. Kennedy, taped her deepest secrets about her marriage, her husband’s serial philandering, her own affairs and her theories on JFK’s tragic assassination. Now they’re about to become public.

The tapes contain interviews with leading historian Arthur M Schlesinger Jr that allegedly took place within months of JFK’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963.

The have been sealed in a vault at The Kennedy Library in Boston until now and will be reportedly aired on ABC this fall, according to London Newspaper, The Sunday Express.

Jackie died from cancer, at 64, in 1994, and ordered the tapes sealed for 50 years after her death.

But daughter, Caroline Kennedy agreed to release them to ABC after the network agreed to drop a controversial mini-series about the Kennedy family.

The story sounds a little far-fetched, since the secret tapes contain far more explosive information than the series, which starred Katie Holmes, and eventually aired on the Realz Channel.

London newspapers are infamous for reporting fabricated stories, although an ABC spokesperson has reportedly confirmed that the network will air the tapes, The Express reported.

If true, it will shed some light on a number of unanswered questions about an important time in U.S. history.

On the tapes, Jackie will reportedly talk about JFK’s numerous, but “meaningless” flings, including a torrid affair with an 19-year-old intern — very similar to President Clinton’s fling with Monica Lewinsky.

She also apparently believed that Lee Harvey Oswald, who was accused of the assassination, was part of a larger conspiracy engineered by her husband’s vice president, Lyndon Johnson.

Johnson, who became president after JFK’s death, reportedly conspired with Texas businessmen to kill the president because of a rift over the Vietnam War.

“Those businessmen expected that LBJ would give them more favourable treatment in Vietnam War contracts and oil policies,” a source told the newspaper.

While the president’s affairs have been widely reported since his death, Jackie will reportedly reveal her own flings while in the White House.

She reportedly had affairs with actor William Holden and Italian mogul Gianni Agnelli, who owned the giant Fiat auto conglomerate. Both are dead, and took the relationship to the grave.

Jackie married Greek shipping magnate Aristole Onassis, five years after the death of JFK.