Like mother, like daughter? Not Olivia Newton-John, and Chloe Lattanzi. Mom is best known for pop, country and soft rock tunes; Chloe has just released a shocking video for her single “Play With Me.”

The video, in which Chloe is pictured shorting drugs, cutting herself and holding a gun to her head, is every mother’s nightmare and has drawn protests from parent’s groups in her native Australia.

“I think it’s sad that this young woman has such a need for attention that she needs to push the envelope of good taste and appropriateness this far,” said Elizabeth Handsley, President for the Australian Council for Children and the Media.

“This simply glamorizes a range of harmful behaviors and does nothing to help empower young people to cope [with] relationship problems.”

But Lattanzi, 25, the daughter from John’s marriage to actor Matt Lattanzi, says the song depicts the heartache that many young women feel in failed relationships.

“It’s about dying inside in front of the one you love, and that person not noticing what’s really going on inside you, being unseen, unheard and desperate for love and attention,” she told Australian website WAtoday.

“The concept is actually quite dark, but not literal in meaning,” she explained.

The video opens with her sitting in a bathtub while her boyfriend sits on the toilet reading a newspaper.

She’s shown crying tears of blood, surrounded by electrical appliances.

She electrocutes herself, and her arm is shown horribly burned.

In the next scene she’s shown deeply cutting her arm, which cuts to a hospital room scene.

Her boyfriend sits next to her watching television.

She keeps whispering the words ‘notice me.’

Chloe is also pictured holding a gun to her head as she writhes next to her boyfriend and she’s shown at a table covered with a white substance,

Chloe said the clip is a form of “artistic expression.”

“It is an artist’s job to challenge ideas,” she said.

For the record, Olivia, 62, has yet to comment on the video.

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