Katie Holmes shows she can be a woman of many desires in a new photo shoot for Vogue Spain. Holmes wears black lace and a very Nazi-like military cap. Long live Franco!

Katie, 32, can stand a little sexing up. She’s played the dowdy housewife a lot lately, towing around sweet little Suri from one photo-op to another.

Hopefully, the Scientologists haven’t been goading husband Tom Cruise to keep her under his thumb, repressing her innate desire to don some thigh-high boots and whip him good.

Check out Katie’s photos; click to enlarge.

What else can explain her desire to do this shoot?

In fact, Katie is reminiscent of ex-Cruise wife Nicole Kidman, who starred with Tom in their 1999 erotic drama “Eyes Wide Shut.”

It was the last film helmed by legendary director Stanley Kubrick, but it bombed at the box office.

Katie teamed up with another directing icon Guillermo del Toro for her latest film “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” which hits theaters next month.

She plays the girlfriend of the father of a young daughter who is pursued by ruthless creatures, after they move into a spooky old home.

The Vogue shoot, however, looks more like “Don’t be Afraid of Katie.”

She wears a black lace dress by Lanvin with the leather cap, of course.

Speaking of the hat, what’s the attraction? It’s also been featured in shows by Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton.

Oddly, Katie just began promoting a clothing line by Holmes & Yang, her own design collaboration with Jeanne Yang.

“We just wanted to do comfortable clothes that you can wear going from a meeting to being a mom to going on a date,” Holmes said recently explaining the line.

So far she hasn’t revealed any leather and lace designs. But check out her photos. She wears it well.