George Clooney and Elisabeth Canalis in better times.

George Clooney and Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis have called it quits only days after the Italian beauty talked about her desire to get married, which must have sent the marriage-phobic Clooney over a cliff.

The couple announced their separation in a terse statement.

“We are not together anymore,” it read. “It’s very difficult and very personal and we hope everyone can respect our privacy.”

Clooney has previously dated Renée Zellweger, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Lucie Liu, Sarah Larson and Mariella Frostrup among others.

Canalis told Italian Magazine Chi that she saw marriage in her future — just not at the moment.

“I am a firm believer in marriage, in the future I will be married, but for the time being I am happy as I am,” she said.

“I am very happy at the moment – thanks to my man and my fairytale is continuing. We are a couple that never gets bored.”

She probably should have check with George before saying that.

At 32, Canalis must be hearing her biological clock ticking and children also likely figured into the equation.

Clooney, on the other hand, has vowed on numerous occasions that he will never marry again.

“I was married. I gave it a shot,” said the actor, who is currently filming “Gravity” with co-star Sandra Bullock.

The question of children is also problematic. To start raising a family at 50 or later, would mean Clooney would be well into advanced age by the time the children are grown.

Since his marriage to actress Talia Balsam ended in 1993, Clooney has been a serial dater, who usually sticks with a woman for a year or so and then unceremoniously dumps them.

In that sense, Canalis was one of his longer flings. They dated two years.

Last month, however, rumors circulated that Clooney was “over it” and “wants to move on,” according to E! News.

The couple was last spotted in public last week They shared a candlelight dinner Il Gatto Nero , an upscale eatery in Lake Como, Italy, where Clooney owns a spectacular villa.

Breaking up had to be on the menu.

Elisabetta was spotted on an all-girls holiday in Mexico.