Pippa Middleton lives a continental lifestyle on holiday. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Pippa Middleton lives a continental lifestyle on holiday. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Pippa Middleton, sister-in-law of Prince William who married Kate Middleton last month, has her own racy photo to explain to the royal family. Photos of her sunbathing topless and dancing in her bra and slip with a man in boxers have surfaced overseas.

The topless photos were reportedly taken on a yacht at the Spanish resort island of Ibiza, where she was on holiday with sister Kate.

Update: Irish Editor Quits for Publishing Kate Nude Photos!

The photos pre-date Kate’s marriage to the future king of England.

Some reports have speculated that the topless woman in the photos could actually be Kate. The two sisters look remarkably alike and are easily confused from a distance.
The photos surfaced only a week after randy photos of brother James Middleton, who gave a moving speech at the wedding ceremony, surfaced.
He appeared naked, cross-dressing and in provocative homo-erotic photos.
James has long been considered the Middleton’s “wild child” so the shock level should be somewhat subdued in the UK.

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But among the royals, well, it’s just not considered, ahem, proper.

Although the photos were taken long before the royal union, the fact that they surfaced now is undoubtedly tied to their prominent role at the wedding and Kate’s new role as future queen.

Pippa was maid of honor in William’s and Kate’s wedding and drew raves at the royal ceremony for her beauty.

She is apparently also free-spirited and uninhibited as well, although topless sunbathing on Ibiza is not out of the ordinary.

A porn company, trying to capitalize off the incident, has offered Pippa $5 Million to perform in a sex scene in an adult movie.

James Middleton also was reportedly offered $1 million to appear in a gay porn movie.

The photos appeared in a Czechoslovakian gossip Web site, Super.CZ.

Check out Pippa’s photos.(Click to Enlarge!)