Brooklyn Decker will grace the cover of the UK edition of Esquire magazine in July, timed perfectly to coincide with the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. Husband Andy Roddick will be competing. Hope he’s not too distracted by her super hot barely there photos.

Decker was photographed by Yu Tsai for the men’s magazine and appears to be doing the laundry in the nude. She’s scantily covered in the photos.

Decker has become one of the hottest models in fashion after several turns in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and recently broke into Hollywood with a role in Adam Sandler’s rom-com “Just Go With It,” with Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman.

Check out Brooklyn’s photos; click to enlarge

Photographer Mark Squires recently released stunning black and white photos of Decker showing her completely topless in several revealing poses.

But Decker was obviously dissatisfied with the move, and hired a New York law firm in an ultimately futile effort to keep the photos from being published.

The law firm tried to argue the photos violated Decker’s “rights of privacy and publicity,” and called the photos damaging to her “profile and reputation.”

But Decker has appeared topless or near topless in a number of other photo shoots, including the latest photos in Esquire. So maybe the issue was money.

Decker was elevated to the pantheon of top models after she landed the cover of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue last year.

Decker and Roddick were engaged in 2008, and married last April 2010. They recently moved into their dream home in Austin, Tx.

She finished first in Women’s Health magazine’s “2010 Best Summer Body” list.

Decker topped hottie Jessica Alba, who came in second and tabloid diet queen Kim Kardashian who finished 10th.

Jessica Biel, 28, finished in 5th place.

Others in the top 10 include Ashley Greene, 22 (No. 3); Carrie Underwood, 27, (No. 6), Jennifer Aniston, 41 (No. 9), Katy Perry, 25 (No. 7) and Lauren Conrad, 24 (No. 8).

Decker just missed out his year in winning Esquire magazine’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” contest to Katrina Bowden. She won it last year.

The good news is she hasn’t lost her form.