Sarah Palin appears to have stalked her last caribou and bludgeoned her last halibut, at least on camera. Her reality show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” appears to have been slaughtered and gutted by the folks at TLC.

The reasons are complicated and largely speculative, but the cancellation could be an indication that Palin, indeed, will be running for president in 2012. Yikes!

Palin’s show was a hot button issue from the get-go. It exploded in the ratings; the first episode drew a record breaking (for TLC) five million viewers. But curiosity killed the cat, just as quickly as Palin gunned down her big buck.
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The ratings fell 40 percent for the second episode. The only person interested in the series was probably Kate Gosselin, who reportedly fretted that Palin was replacing her as the cable channel’s sweetheart.

But it was not to be, according to Entertainment Weekly.

It reported that the show would not be renewed, making Sunday’s (Jan. 9) first-season finale likely the final airing.

If Palin were choosing to sit out the 2012 election, the show would be in the clear. But as a candidate, TLC would have to give equal time to her presidential opponents.

Palin was made to look cold-blooded after a video of her and daughter Bristol in a bloody orgy of halibut clubbing.

Then, she was shown on the show stalking and killing a caribou. Then, her crew swept in to gut the helpless animal. Palin made some suggestions that it was all about eating. But few bought it.

“I don’t watch snuff films and you make them. You weren’t killing that animal for food or shelter or even fashion, you were killing it for fun. You enjoy killing animals,” wrote screenwriter Aaron Sorkin in the Huffington Post.