Actor Micheal Douglas returned to New York City with his wife Catherine Zeta Jones over the weekend. He is expected to meet with doctors to get an update on his deadly fight against throat cancer.

Douglas has spent the last four months undergoing rigorous treatment to turn back the disease that includes chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

The Hollywood actor, 66, was spotted at New York’s JFK Airport with Jones and their two children Dylan, 10, and seven year old Carys.

The treatments have ravaged his body and cause him to loose a significant amount of weight, but over the past few weeks he’s begun to look healthier and appears to be stronger, according to reports.

Douglas said during his treatment that he will learn in January whether the process to shrink the tumor has been successful.

He said at the outset that although he was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, he had an 80 percent chance of beating the disease.

‘It certainly has put a little perspective on mortality, obviously,” he told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview.

But as I looked through the stats, I didn’t think of this as life and death, I just saw it as an illness to get over.

‘So I didn’t dig into the bottom of my soul to see what I could see,” he said.

“The level of chemo, the amount they’re giving you, combined with radiation, was the max they could do in that period of time. It’s amazing that they almost have to try and kill you to bring you back.”