Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been dogged by stalkers in New York City and California. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Taylor Swift has one less problem to worry about, at least for the next six months. Mohammed Jaffar, who broke into her New York City apartment last year, was sentenced yesterday to six months in prison after pleading guilty to a single count of second degree burglary.

He had also been charged with burglary, stalking and trespassing, which could have resulted in a lengthy prison sentence, if convicted on all counts.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office says Jaffar pleaded guilty to attempted burglary in the second degree on Monday (May 7).

In addition to six months jail , he has also been sentenced to five years probation and must continue mental health treatment in Michigan.

The 28-year-old singer was terrified in March a year ago when Jaffar broke into her apartment, according to media reports. He was originally supposed to face trial last September, but was found unfit to stand trial.

Afterward, he was placed in the custody of the New York State Office of Mental Health, according to the DA’s Office. He had been held in jail on $20,000 bail and was hit with a restraining order.

Jaffar allegedly wanted to meet with the singer and had previously tried on multiple occasions to get in touch with her.

Swift is still plagued by stalkers. Last month, Julius Sandrock tried to break into her Beverly Hills home. He was carrying a rope with him at the time and wearing a mask and gloves. Swift was not at the house.

Julius Sandrock arrested for stalking Taylor Swift. (Photo: Police Mug Shot)

Police found inside his car, parked at the scene, an empty gun holster, ammunition, latex gloves, black gloves, a knife, multiple masks, one 9mm round, an empty box of .22 caliber ammunition and black rope.”

Police found several prescription medications in his car, which Sandrock told police he took because of a host of mental health issues, including depression, bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, according to The Associated Press citing court documents.

Sandrock, 38, was released from police custody two days after his arrest.

Colorado police said Sandrock is on probation for firing a rifle at a man last year.

California authorities had said Sandrock drove to Swift’s home straight from his home in Broomfield, Colo, according to the ABC affiliate in Denver.