Tom Brady Chugging Beer

Tom Brady showed he’s a competitor in any endeavor, including chugging beer. Watch him on Colbert!

Tom Brady has an arm like a rocket launcher and a throat like the Holland Tunnel. He inhaled a pint of beer on Stephen Colbert last night leaving the talk show host sipping like a wimp.

The Patriots quarterback also overcame one of his childhood phobias– just like that!

Brady was on the show to promote his new diet book, “The TB12 Method,” which has received decidedly mixed reviews from experts.

Brady is nothing if not competitive. He probably couldn’t turn down a challenge if he tried. After all, he’s won five Super Bowls.

So last night Colbert put him to the test. When Brady revealed he hated strawberries, the comedian produced a basket of them.

“Awe man, I hate strawberries,” Brady caterwauled as Colbert revealed his surprise.

Even more amazing, Brady said he’d never eaten on in his life. But all Colbert had to do was challenge him.

“All right, come on,” the game QB said, snatching a berry. And, he ate it just like that–with a grimace.

To follow his diet plan, Brady said he rarely has cheeseburgers, pizza or beer.

“You don’t drink beeer?” Colbert replied.

“Damn,” Brady counter as Colbert bought out two beers.

Check out the video below to see Tom show off his championship form.