FKA Twigs turns her drab work-a-day existence into a kaleidoscope of colors thanks to Apple. (Photo: ScreenCap)

FKA Twigs teams up for Spike Jonze for Apple and turns a gray day into a kaleidoscope of color as she dances away her blues. The ad features Apple’s Siri HomePod music system.

Twigs, real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett, and Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson broke up last October after a three-year romance.

The performance artist, who turned 30 in January, has largely been out of sight since then. But she’s back in a big way in the four-minute clip.

What’s odd is that Twigs is using her art to sell products.

In an interview two years ago, she dissed “most artists” from being detached from their work. “They’re vehicles, vessels,” she said told Allure magazine at the time.

“Imagine you’re an artist that didn’t know how to do your own makeup, didn’t know how to do your own hair, didn’t know how to put an outfit together, didn’t write your own music, didn’t direct your own videos, didn’t produce your own music. They’re not artists. They’re vehicles, vessels. The majority of them are like that. Imagine how hard that must be.”

Twigs makes clear that she has built her indie career without “thirstiness or pandering to the mainstream.” But if using your art to sell Apple products isn’t pandering to the mainstream, what is?

But hey, a girl’s got to pay her bills.

Besides, the commercial is more like a short film and Twigs clearly choreographs a glorious piece of work.

The film begins in a gray, two-dimensional world. Twigs is on her way home on the subway and looks beat mentally and physically.

She asks Siri to “play something she’d like.” It goes for the Anderson .Paak song “Til It’s Over,” about life-affirming moments spent with a loved one.

Then, something magical happens. Twigs discovers she has the power to stretch the walls in her apartment, creating brilliant steaks of color. She breaks into a dance and transforms her world.

Twigs has put her talents to work for other brands before this. Last year, she directed and starred in a powerful Nike ad, according to Ad Age.

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