Robert Pattinson has embraced the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements in Hollywood. (Photo: Getty)

Robert Pattinson puts Kristen Stewart to shame over the sexual harassment and assault allegations that have ripped Hollywood. He calls the rampant bullying of women into silence “one of the most awful things in the world.”

In contrast, Kristen has been virtually silent on the subject and has refused to call out Woody Allen over long-standing allegations that he sexually abused step-daughter Dylan Farrow as a seven-year-old.

Kristen Stewart has been all over the map on the issue of sexual assaults in Hollywood. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Although Stewart professes to be a “feminist,” she agreed to appear in Allen’s 2016 film, “Cafe Society,” and has refused to criticize the controversial director.

In contrast, Pattinson says he’s “thrilled” to see Hollywood stand up against sexual harassment.

A slew of executives, directors and high-powered actors, including Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K., have been accused of sexual misconduct.

“If you feel that you’ve been wronged, and you feel that you don’t have the right to tell people about it and you feel that you’re being bullied into silence, it’s one of the most awful things in the world,” he told Variety at the Berlin Film Festival over the weekend.

“So it’s amazing when any kind of dam breaks, and people feel they’ve got the numbers to say, ‘no, you’ll be safe to say whatever has happened to you.’ It’s pretty amazing.”

The #MeToo movement started after Weinstein, a Hollywood powerhouse, was accused of sexual harassment kn a jaw-dropping New York Times expose last October.

Weinstein, accused of harassing or assaulting dozens of actresses, was fired from his company and ostracized in Hollywood.

Irish actress Saoirse Ronan likened the movement to a “female revolution.”

“We’re just at a point where you can’t escape and we have to do something about it, on both sides – men and women,” she said.

“I can see in our industry that so many women have come together to actively pursue civil rights and create a safer and fairer environment. We’ve gone from saying, ‘Yes, we really need to make a change and we’ve all got to stick together’ to, ‘Oh f**k, we really need to make a change.’ Now more than ever, feminism is at the core of my life.”

Stewart stood by Allen at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, but has recently begun to speak up. At the “Elle Women in Hollywood” event last October, she said harassment extends to those who work behind-the-scenes.

“I want to express how thankful I am to hear what is typically a murmured sotto conversation,” Stewart said. “We’ve all been talking about this forever, not to make it specific, but it is, ah, about this motherfucker,” she said.

Pattinson and Stewart dated during the five-year run of the “Twilight” saga movies, before going their own way in 2012.