President Obama’s official portrait includes a leafy background, prompting claims on social media that some leaves are marijuana. (Photo: Artist)

President Obama’s official Presidential portrait has a leafy backdrop that allegedly contains marijuana leaves, according to a new right-wing conspiracy theory making the rounds on social media. Obama has admitted smoking pot back in the day as student and community organizer.

The rumor could not be substantiated and a casual examination of a photo of the portrait by IM did not detect any pot leaves.

But the rumor swirled on social media today (Feb. 12) almost as soon as the Obama’s portrait was unveiled.

Michelle Obama’s official portrait was also unveiled, but she’s painted against a pale blue backdrop.

The portraits were unveiled at a ceremony this morning that drew former administration officials and a spattering of Hollywood types, including Steven Spielberg, wife, Kate Capshaw and Tom Hanks and his wife.

Both Obamas chose noted African-American artists to paint them. Kehinde Wiley tackled the former President and Amy Sherald painted the former first lady.

The president chose an informal look and wanted the painting to be low-key.

He looked laid back wearing a suit with an open collar shirt. He was seated on a simple chair, amid a sea of greenery. The president said he didn’t want to end up looking like Napoleon.

He may have got his wish, but reviews were decidedly mixed. Amid the criticism were claims that pot leaves were spotted in the flora.

Click here to see an enlarged photo of the portrait. If you can find a pot plant let us know.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama revealed their official portraits. Reaction has been mixed. (Photos: Artists)