Mason Grammer

Mason Grammer is following in the footsteps of other celebrity offspring and launching a modeling career, at 16. (Photo: Mason Grammer/Instagram)

Mason Grammer last made headlines when she was caught in the middle of her parent’s tempestuous divorce. Now she’s making headlines of her own–and raising eyebrows–by launching a modeling career.

Even though she’s just 16 years old, there’s no doubt she’s the real deal.

Mason, daughter of Fraser’s Kelsey Grammer and real housewife Camille Grammer, signed a contract yesterday (Feb. 2) with hot agency DT Model Management.

Mason has a distinctive Nordic look. At 5’8″ tall, she’s certainly runway ready.

Although she’s just 16, the modeling industry deems it old enough to work. Most models are high-stepping by then, if not sooner.

Mason follows a well-worn path blazed by other celebrity offspring, including Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Ireland Baldwin and Lydia Hearst.

Other celebrity kids on her team include Destry Allyn Spielberg, Nala Wayans and Ava Dash.

Mason made her debut at New York Fashion Week in September. She walked for Malan Breton, her second trip down the runway for the brand. Mom Camille watched from the wings.

Mason has an Instagram page up and running. So far she has only 8,159 followers.

But that’s sure to change. Just check out her stunning photos.

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