Heidi Klum nude

Heidi Klum has always been comfortable in her own skin, and loves to go nude on the beach. (Photo: SharperImage)

Heidi Klum, one of the world’s premiere supermodels, just revealed a secret indulgence. She loves to get naked when she vacations at the beach. But not just any beach. It has to be secluded to avoid gawkers and paparazzi.

With a body like hers, who wouldn’t?

The 44-year-old model was asked her guilty pleasure by Event magazine,

“Sunbathing naked. If there’s a place on a private island or a beach where there aren’t any people, I like to go skinny-dipping or sunbathe nude,” she says.

And sometimes, not so private beaches, too.

Klum has been photographed numerous times sunbathing nude.

But traveling to exotic locales has never been her strong suit. “Project Runway” star fears flying.

“I’m scared of flying. On the plane I am always bursting into tears, pressing the call button and asking a stewardess to sit next to me. Or if there’s no seat there I’ll ask if I can go and sit with them in the kitchen area,” she says.

Her confession came after the ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge recently shared a snap on Instagram of herself indulging in her passion of nude sunbathing, captioned: “California dreaming.”

Heidi has previously described herself as a “nudist” and declared she plans to continue sunbath topless even when she is 60.

I’m probably going to be the girl on the beach with no top on when I’m 60. Maybe my stomach and my boobs are not going to be the same way they are now. But it’s just who I am,” she says.

“I am more of a free person. I’m more nudist that way. I’m fearless. I don’t think that will change. I’m gonna be that 60-year-old woman laying on the beach with just my bottoms on.”


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