Bella Thorne has gone to the pits–the arm pitts- to express her sexuality like many twenty-something women. But the trend is not new. (Photo: Bella Thorne/Instagram)

Bella Thorne is letting it all grow out. She posted a photo on Social media showing off her hairy armpits, a hot twenty-something fashion trend popularized by none other than Madonna way back in the 1990s.

But some are repulsed by the idea of girls with hairy armpits and even claim it’s unhygienic.

Those who let it grow, however, see it as a form of liberation. Many women say it’s also a symbol of their feminism.

Others see it as a way to reject male-imposed stereotypes that suggest women need to be hairless to be beautiful.

Madison Avenue is constantly playing off that stereotype to sell billions of dollars in grooming products.

Shaving also has its downside. The skin gets rough and dry if you shave everyday, and it’s time consuming.

A number of celebrities, of all ages, are also defying long-held beauty standards. In that sense Bella is late to the game.


But so are other notable non-shavers like Miley Cyrus and Scout Willis, who debuted hairy pits in 2015 and renewed the debate.

Madonna started the trend. She caused an uproar when she let her armpit hair grow way back in the 1990s.

But, these days, the style trend is becoming the rule rather than exception in Hollywood. Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore and Juliette Lewis have all been spotted with hairy underarms.

Some, like Cyrus and other twenty-somethings, are even dying their underarm hair wild colors. Instagram and Pinterest sites have sprung up devoted to girls with hairy pits.

But what about those claims that it’s unhygienic?

Actually, breast cancer risk from antiperspirants could be heightened by underarm shaving, scientists have warned.

Hair anywhere on the body is important for maintaining skin health, according to experts. Armpit hair and pubic hair help lubricate and provide a buffer for skin in and around joints.

Girls who shave often say, “What man likes a hairy woman?”

But, actually, many men–and women– find female underarm hair erotic. And, there could be a reason for that.

A 2007 study in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, found that that armpit hair grows atop sweat glands and helps spread pheromones, the natural body chemical that attracts potential mates.

So let it grow, let it grow, let it grow… like these women. Check out their photos.

Feminism, Eroticism Meet in the Armpit (Click Photos to Enlarge!)