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Robert Pattinson Returns to Romance in Scorsese Produced Film ‘Souvenir’

Robert Pattinson is returning to romance films. He is set to appear in the Martin Scorsese film ‘Souvenir.’ (Photo: Getty)

Robert Pattinson is returning to romantic films after the “Twilight” series made him the biggest heartthrob since, well, since ever. He has been attached to the Martin Scorsese-produced film “Souvenir.” But whether he can recreate the magic remains to be seen.

In between “Twilight: New Moon” and the final Breaking Dawn movies, Pattinson, 31, started in “Remember Me,” a romance set in New York City.

The coming of age drama, directed by Allen Coulter, co-starred Emilie de Ravin as his love interest.

He played a New York City rich-kid slacker who falls for a policeman’s daughter. It pulled in $56 million worldwide against a $16 million production budget, making it a modest success.

It paled, however, compared to “Twilight,” which also began as a small indie film.

Pattinson also starred in another romantic film, the little noticed 2010 picture “Love & Distrust.”


Despite it’s high-powered cast, which included Amy Adams, Sam Worthington, Robert Downey, Jr. and James Franco, it went straight to DVD and video-on-demand.

His last role as a romantic lead came in 2011’s “Water for Elephants,” a heart-tugging story about a veterinary student who loses his parents and joins a circus.

He falls for the beautiful wife (Reese Witherspoon) of the cruel ringmaster and sparks ensue.

Once again, the films was a modest success, pulling in $117 million worldwide against a $38 million production budget, according to Box Office Mojo.

After the “Twilight” saga ended in 2012, Pattinson’s steered his career in a different direction. In his next several films, such as “The Rover,” “Maps to the Stars,” (2014), “Queen of the Desert,” (2015) and “Life,” (2015), Rob took supporting roles, often playing odd-ball characters.

He returned to a lead role in his latest film “Good Time,” playing a small-time hood who gets snared in a botched robbery that ends up with his brother in prison.

His role in “Souvenir” was announced at the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend, according to multiple reports.


Details about the film are sketchy, although Pattinson is set to co-star with Tom Burke, Ariane Labed and Richard Ayoade.

The lead female role is still opening. The film focuses on her character, a film student who becomes involved in her first serious relationship. Burke plays the boyfriend.

Joanna Hogg, a British film director and screenwriter, will helm the picture. She made her feature film debut in 2007, directing “Unrelated,” a British drama set in Italy.

Pattinson will finally play the lead again in his upcoming film “Damsel,” co-starring Mia Wasikowska. Pattinson told the UK’s Metro the film is a “slapstick comedy.” It’s set in the Old West.

He’s also writing music for the film in another departure from his multi-faceted career.

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