Madonna performed at the Women’s March in Washington and gave a powerful speech in defense of women, including her secret desire to bomb the White House. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Madonna confessed her anger, outrage and many thoughts about blowing up the White House in a speech at the Women’s march on Washington, D.C. But she urged love to fight back against the despair of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Millions of people turned out in Washington, cities around the United States and in capitals around the world to show solidarity and express their disapproval of the president.

Ashley Judd, Scarlet Johansson, Alicia Keys, Angelia Davis among others spoke at various rallies.

Madonna took the podium to express concerns about the war against women, minorities and the gay and lesbian community.

“It took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us the fuck up. It seems as though we had all slipped into a false sense of comfort; that justice would prevail and that good would win in the end.

Well, good did not win this election, but good will win in the end,” she said. “So what today means is we are far from the end. It marks the beginning of our story. The revolution starts here.”

Madonna’s most explosive remarks referred to her thoughts about the White House.

“I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White Houses,” she said to laughter. “But I know that this won’t change anything.”