Bernie Sanders told Conan O'Brien last night that our new President-elect Donald Trump is 'delusional and insane' because of his off-the wall Tweets. (Photo: Getty)

Bernie Sanders told Conan O’Brien last night that our new President-elect Donald Trump is ‘delusional and insane’ because of his off-the wall Tweets. (Photo: Getty)

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders told Conan O’Brien last night (Nov. 29) that President-elect Donald Trump’s rambling Tweets are “delusional and insane.” He also warned that Trump and the GOP are about to engage in a massive effort to suppress poor and minority votes.

Sanders, who was defeated in the Democratic primary by Hillary Clinton, was responding to one of Trump’s off-the-wall claims that was widely denounced yesterday as an outright falsehood.

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Trump tweeted that he won the popular vote as well as the Electoral College “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” He made the claim without any evidence.

Clinton is currently leading in by more than 2 million votes and the gap is expected to widen even more. She lost in the Electoral College thanks to arcane “winner-take-all” state rules that apportion electoral votes.

On last night’s show, Conan brought up the subject by calling attention to Trump’s recent tweets.


“We thought if Trump became elected… the Tweets would stop. He’s tweeting regularly, here is on of his latest,” he said.

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Sanders scoffed at the claim.

“I’ll tell you what my take is; first of all it’s delusional, it’s totally insane. Nobody believes that who studies elections or election patterns,” he said.

“But No. 2, this is what is scary about it.

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“When he says that, he really is sending a signal to Republicans all over this country, Republican leaders. What he’s saying is ‘we have got to suppress the vote. We have to make it harder for poor people, people of color, immigrants, elderly people because they may be voting against us.”

But that wasn’t the worst of Trump’s tweets, according to Sanders. Check out the video below.

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