Azaelia Banks unleashed her inner rage after am airplane flight to Los Angeles. Of course, it was caught on video.  (Photo: Playboy)

Azaelia Banks unleashed her inner rage after an airplane flight to Los Angeles. Of course, it was caught on video. (Photo: Playboy)

Azealia Banks, the rapper with a yappper, welcomed French tourists to America with a vulgar display of self-entitlement on a Delta Airlines flight from New York City to Los Angeles. Of course, the whole scene was caught on video and is now going viral.

Banks tried to pull a Kylie Jenner while departing the airplane and push her way ahead of other people to the exit.

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The 24-year-old got stuck behind the tourists. She bitched them out because they were removing bags from the overhead compartment too slowly, according to the video, posted by gossip site TMZ.

Banks not only swore like a sailor (no offense to sailors) but allegedly spit in the elderly gentleman’s face and slapped him in the head.

Then, she got into a row with a flight attendant. She clearly called him a “fucking faggot” as he tried to help her with her bag and get her off the plane.

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Banks refused to give up the bag and the two briefly engaged in a tug of war. Finally the plane’s co-pilot emerged and told her he had called the police. Banks skedaddled off the plane. Cops caught up to her at the baggage claim.

The French couple decided against pressing charges because they didn’t want the incident to interfere with their vacation.

Ironically, Banks has been outspoken on social media about all kinds of issues, including so-called “cultural appropriation.” She hurled that charge at rapper Iggy Azalea because she happens to be white.

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Banks pulled every trick in the book, except for the classic “Don’t you know who I am?”

Jenner was the target of social media scorn after two of her bodyguards shoved actress Jessica Alba, so Jenner could get to the exit after a New York Fashion Week event. She later apologized.

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