Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown during better days in 2012. Now Gordon is being accused of her murder in a civil suit.  (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images)

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown during better days in 2012. Now Gordon is being accused of her murder in a civil suit. (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images)

Bobbi Kristina Brown was allegedly murdered by her faux husband Nick Gordon, who drugged her and dumped her unconscious in the bathtub in a fit of jealous rage, according to details contained in a civil lawsuit.

The suit was filed by lawyers representing Bobbi Kristina’s estate in June, but details of the filing were only just released in an amended complaint.

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Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious Jan. 31, face down in a tub full of water at her Atlanta-area home.

The only daughter of the late Whitney Houston was revived by para-medics. But she died July 26, after spending weeks comatose on life support.

Police are reportedly investigating the case as a possible homicide and Gordon has been named as a “person of interest.” He has yet to be declared a suspect.

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For his part, Gordon insists he’s innocent and has been distraught in the days following her death.

Gordon has been painted as the bad guy by both the Houston and Brown families and was barred from attending Bobbi Kristina’s funeral.

The suit is seeking $40 million in damages from Gordon, who allegedly looted more than $11 million for her account after she fell into a coma, according to court papers.

The suit will give lawyers the chance to question him in detail about the day “Krissy,” as her friends called her, suffered brain damage.

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The suit makes shocking allegations that clearly point to murder, according to court papers examined by gossip site TMZ.

The sequence of events began when Gordon arrived home at 6 am on Jan. 31. He’s accused of spending the night out on an alcohol and cocaine binge.

The suit claims he reviewed security camera footage and allegedly became enraged because he suspected Bobbi Kristina was cheating. He began screaming and calling her a “whore and bitch,” the papers state.

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Now here’s where things get weird.

Gordon reportedly prepared a “toxic cocktail,” apparently containing drugs and convinced Bobbi Kristina to drink it. After she fell unconscious, he dragged her into the bathroom and laid her face down in the tub, which suspiciously was filled with cold water.

“Bobby Kristina was unresponsive, unconscious, her mouth was swollen, and another tooth was hanging loosely from her mouth,” the suit claims.

As Bobbi Kristina’s life ebbed away, he then calmly went to another bedroom, climbed into bed with a female guest and said, “Now I want a pretty little white girl like you.”

Bobbi Kristina was in the tub for as long as 15 minutes. A house guest previously identified as Max Lomas discovered her in the tub.

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Lomas began CPR on her and called para-medics, who were able to re-establish a heartbeat. But Bobbi Kristina never regained consciousness.

Suspiciously, Bobbi Kristina had a loose tooth in her mouth when para-medics found her. That suggests Gordon may have punched her and knocked her unconscious.

Or, Bobbi Kristina could have simply slipped in the tub.

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Civil suits are often filed in suspicious deaths because the standard of proof is lower than a criminal case. Juries can reach a decision based on a
“preponderance of the evidence.” In criminal cases, they must be convinced “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

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