Minions from McDonald's  happy meals for kids are running amok, according to parents. The toys reportedly swear when bounced. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Minions from McDonald’s happy meals for kids are running amok, according to parents. The toys reportedly swear when bounced. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Minions are small, yellow pill-like creatures who have existed since the beginning of time with only one purpose–to serve the world’s most despicable masters. So is it any surprise they swear like sailors? Well, yes, when the Minions are toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals.

A parent bought a McDonald’s meal containing a Minion for his young daughter and said he got a rude shock.

When he bounced it to make it talk, he clearly heard what sounded like “What the fuck?”

“It turned out to be a toy that decided to talk profanity,” Bradley Merten, a Florida grandfather, told local Orlando, Fla., ABC affiliate WFTV.

“I can’t believe it’s coming out of a toy,” he said.

Another parent, identified only as Paul B, posted a video on YouTube demonstrating the toy. It clearly can be heard swearing. In addition to, “What the fuck?” his toy also seems to say “Well, I’ll be damned.”

The problem apparently isn’t an isolated one. Parents in Ohio also told local television stations their McDonald’s Minions said the same things.

“I heard what it said and I’m like, ‘Whoa, hang on here,’” parent Taylor King told Columbus, Ohio Fox affiliate WTTE. “It clearly says what it says.”

McDonald’s claims the toys speak “Minioneses,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s a language exclusive to the movie characters in the film “Dispicable Me.” In reality though, it’s largely gibberish.

The fast-foood chain had this to say in a prepared statement:

“Minions speak ‘Minionese’ which is a random combination of many languages and nonsense words and sounds, We’re aware of a very small number of customers who have been in touch regarding this toy, and we apologize for any confusion or offense to those who may have interpreted the sounds for anything other than gibberish. The allegation that this toy is saying any offensive phrase is not true. Any perceived similarities to actual English words are purely coincidental.”

The toys are, obviously, made in China and one theory holds that Chinese workers were in the dark about exactly what constitutes “Minionese.” So they decided to go with some familiar American slang.

The toys are being sold in as part of a promotion of the new Universal film “Minions,” a prequel to the “Despicable Me” films. Sandra Bullock, Allison Janney and Jon Hamm voice characters.

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