Model Ambra Battilana has accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein (inset) of groping her in is office in New York City. He denies the allegations. (Photo: Getty)

Model Ambra Battilana has accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein (inset) of groping her in his office in New York City. He denies the allegations. (Photo: Getty)

Take one aging, ruddy-faced movie mogul with a strong sense of entitlement and one ambitious model who is drop dead gorgeous, put them in a room together and what do you get? A Hollywood scandal as old as the casting couch. But does the banality of it all make it true?

The mogul is Harvey Weinstein; the model is Ambra Battilana.

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Battilana, 22, filed a police report unearthed by The New York Post on Monday in which she claimed Weinstein, 63, groped her during a supposed audition at his office at the Tribeca Film Festival Center.

The incident grew to international proportions after it was revealed that Battilana was entangled in former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s “bunga-bunga” sex scandal in 2010. Not that she did anything wrong.

Berlusconi was charged with having sex with an underage woman during one of his “bunga-bunga” orgies. Battilana was there and ended up testifying against him. Thirty-five women were charged with prostitution, but she was not among them.

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Her checkered past may give Weinstein an out. He is allegedly portraying the incident as a blackmail attempt, according to The Post.

That means Battilana is either one smooth operator, or one very principled woman.

According to the police report, Battilana, a former Miss Italy contestant, said she met Weinstein on the red carpet at the premiere of his Radio City “New York Spring Spectacular.”

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The meeting led to an exchange of emails and an offer from Weinstein to meet him at his office for an audition. Does he still personally audition starlets?

During the meeting, which took place last Friday (Mar. 27), the mogul allegedly groped her.

Weinstein allegedly grabbed her breasts and asked if they were “real.” She said she told him to stop. But Weinstein pressed her for a kiss and put his hand up her skirt.

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She allegedly told him to stop again and left. She went directly from his office to the 1st Precinct station house nearby to file a complaint, according to The Post.

Weinstein reportedly met with police investigators on Saturday, but the case essentially boils down to a “he said, she said” situation and is unlikely to result in charges. Weinstein is “cooperating fully” with authorities, according to a statement.

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In the Berlusconi scandal, Battilana also reportedly went to police to report what she saw at the orgy. The former prime minister was convicted of having sex with a minor, but the charge was eventually tossed on appeal.

She sued seeking $1 million for damage to her career.

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