Amanda Bynes posted this 'selfie' on Twitter after she shaved half her hair off.

Amanda Bynes posted this 'selfie' on Twitter after she shaved half her hair off.

Amanda Bynes, acknowledged for the first time that she is bipolar and manic depressive in an unusual Tweet today (Nov. 4). She promised to take her medication and continue seeing her doctors. Is it a ploy, or is she serious this time?

Bynes also complained because her parents control her finances and she doesn’t have enough money to rent an apartment.

Amanda Bynes’ Mental State: What Goes on in a Schizophrenic’s Head?

“I need to get an apartment and my parents won’t give me access to any of my funds,” she Tweeted.

“I was diagnosed bi-polar and manic depressive so I’m on medication and I’m seeing my psychologist and psychiatrist weekly so I’m fine :D,” she added.

Bynes also suggested she knew the score and what she had to do to regain her financial freedom.

“My lawyer said if I comply with the courts and take my meds and see my psychologist and psychiatrist weekly then I will get unconserved (sic). Thank GOD.”

Amanda Bynes Off the Wagon: Arrested for Allegedly Driving High

Whether she goes through with the treatment, however, remains to be scene. The acress has been down this road before.

Bynes, who turned 28 in April, was diagnosed as schizophrenic and bipolar following an involuntary psychiatric commitment last year. She was released from her parents’ conservatorship in early September.

She appeared on the mend, even moving into her own apartment in Orange County. But she went into another tailspin right after that, and was arrested Sept. 28 for allegedly driving under the influence of marijuana.

Friends said she was holed up in her apartment smoking pot almost non-stop, which can aggravate her condition.

Is Amanda Bynes Trying to Restart Lucrative Film Career?

She fled to New York City Oct. 3 after she was released from jail. Once here, she began acting bizarrely, again, on the streets and in stores. She reportedly bought expensive Cartier jewelry and gave it away to strangers.

She was lured back to California and immediately placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold, under a California law that allows adults to be hospitalized against their will if they prove to be a danger to themselves or others.

Bynes was initially diagnosed as a schizophrenic. TheImproper, citing medical references, reported Oct. 6 that she can be totally “normal” one moment and then start acting strangely the next.

So it’s impossible to tell if she’s being sincere, or saying what the court needs to her to win back her freedom. Be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest updates.