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Selena Gomez Topless in Leaked Selfies, Or Artful Look-a-Like? (pics!)

Selena Gomez is allegedly the victim of leaked nude photos. But is it really her? (Photo: Getty)

Selena Gomez has always been coy about nudity, but her attitude may be changing now that she has taken over her career from her parents. What better way to break the ice than leaking topless photos on the Internet. Then, again, maybe not.

Topless photos have indeed leaked, but there is some question whether they are in fact, Selena, or an artful look-a-like.

So far the jury is out. But we have the answers.

The selfies feature her–or someone’s–breasts. The face is obscured above the lips. But what lips! The resemblance to Selena’s is uncanny.

Some similarities also exist between the photos and Selena because of seemingly matching moles on her right breast. The girl in the photo has one on hers and so does Selena.

But as any forensic pathologist would tell you, the one sure way to determine someone’s identity is by their teeth.

In this case, TheImproper has conducted a detailed examination of Selena’s teeth from a known photo compared with the teeth of the woman in the topless photos.

Selena Gomez or Not? Tale is in the Teeth (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

Click Here to Check Out the Topless Photos (nsfw)

Our examination found key differences that would lead us to conclude conclusively that the topless girl is NOT Selena.

The topless girl has a slightly crooked front incisor that slightly overlaps the other front incisor. What’s more there is a gap between the incisor and the second incisor on the right in the photo.

But an examination of Selena’s front teeth shows they are straight. And, there is no gap between her incisors on either side of her mouth.

It’s clear Selena has had some work done on her teeth, and it’s possible the topless photos were taken a few years ago before she had her teeth done.

So, TheImproper examined a photo of Selena’s teeth from 2007 when she was 15-years-old and they are virtually identical to her teeth today.

Some gossip sites have come to the same conclusion by citing one of Selena’s reps. But reps have been known to lie to protect their clients.

When similar candid nude selfies of Blake Lively surfaced, her reps vehemently denied it was her. But it later turned out they were hers.

In this case, though, the teeth never lie. So we feel confident the girl in the topless photos aren’t Selena.

Check out the photos yourself. The nude photos are too risque for this site, but you can see them at EssCurve.

Let us know your thought and be sure to follow TheImproper for the latest Selena Gomez news you can trust.

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