Justin Bieber has developed remarkable similarities to King Jeoffrey of Game of Thrones.

Justin Bieber has developed remarkable similarities to King Jeoffrey of Game of Thrones, played by Jack Gleeson.

Justin Bieber is beginning to develop remarkable similarities to the fictional King Jeoffrey Bratheon in the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.” Both are boy kings with overriding egos, huge character flaws and a strong sense of entitlement.

King Jeoffrey got his comeuppance in Season 4 and Bieber got his, at least figuratively, on the Spanish island of Ibiza earlier this week.

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In the brutish world of the Seven Kingdoms, Jeoffrey was poisoned. Nothing so severe was meted out to Bieber. But his image was murdered.

Actor Orlando Bloom took a punch at him for bragging (apparently, falsely) that he’d bedded Bloom’s ex-wife, model Miranda Kerr–while they were married.

Bieber was only saved from a punch in the mouth by a burly security guard who blocked the blow. Bloom sent the pop sensation scurrying for the door after the confrontation, while patrons applauded.

Then, to save face, Bieber began furiously posting photos on Instagram, claiming he won the fight, according to TMZ.

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One source said Justin is “irrational” in the glee he’s taking over the scuffle, according to the gossip site.

King Jeoffrey did the same thing after the Battle of Blackwater in Season 2. He ran and hid during the thick of battle.

Afterward, he claimed responsibility for the victory, even though his uncle Tyrion Lanister and grandfather save the day.

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Jeoffrey was put on the throne by his grandfather, even though he is the child of an incestuous relationship between his mother and her brother.

Bieber was hoisted to his perch in the pop pantheon by a musical powerhouse, Usher. And he’s being kept there by another power-behind-the-throne, manager Scooter Braun.

Both Jeoffrey and Justin are capable of cruel and senseless acts.

Justin, out of the blue, decides to egg his neighbor’s house and terrorize their 13-year-old daughter.

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He pees in some poor janitor’s mop bucket in a swank New York City restaurant. He races around his suburban neighborhood in a Ferrari, endangering children at play. He delighted in telling racist jokes.

And he humiliates his on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez a lot like Jeoffrey belittles his betrothed Sansa Stark.

Like the boy king of the Seven Kingdoms, Justin is both loved and hated by the populace.

Jeoffrey met his end after the powers-that-be determined he would be an unpredictable, sadistic king.

Will the night in Ibiza be the beginning-of-the-end of Justin’s 15-minutes of fame?

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