Justin Bieber performs at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York City, where rumors about him and model Miranda Kerr began. (Photo: Getty)

Justin Bieber performs at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City, where rumors about him and model Miranda Kerr began. The model pictured is Dorothea Barth Jorgensen. (Photo: Getty)

Justin Bieber learned the hard way that you don’t go around bragging about bedding another man’s wife, especially when you apparently didn’t. In this case it led to an attempted punch in the mouth. But it could have been worse.

New video has surfaced showing actor Orlando Bloom throwing a back-handed punch at Bieber in an Ibiza nightclub last night.

Bieber was save only because a beefy security guard intercepted the swat.

Although the reason behind the face-off was unknown at first, it now appears from various sources that Bloom was calling out Bieber for allegedly bragging that he had sex with Bloom’s then model wife, Miranda Kerr, after the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The rumors were so rampant at the time, Kerr not only denied the claim herself, but hired a lawyer to spread the word. She called reports to that effect false and defamatory, according to published reports.

Although Kerr and Bieber were reportedly “flirty” backstage, the troubled singer was more interested in another Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Palvin.

Bieber, Palvin and a group of friends even caught a Broadway show together the next day. But Palvin quickly scotched any rumors that they were an item. Bieber’s then-girlfriend Selena Gomez dropped him as well.

That appeared to be the end of it.

But Bloom, who was married to Kerr for four years until they separated last year amicably, apparently hadn’t forgotten the incident–or the trouble Justin’s bragging caused.

Justin appeared to know about the bad blood because he reportedly yelled “What’s up bitch,” at the actor. The two exchanged words before Bloom threw a back-handed jab at Bieber that was more like a slap than a punch.

As usual, Bieber relied on his security squad to back up his bravado. He immediately left the club and headed to the parking lot after the incident.

Outside, according to TMZ, he laughed and joked about the incident with his hangers-on.

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